Why Go Vegetarian?

Vegetarianism is a big thing in Asia. In this fast-paced region of the world, simple vegetarian recipes are much in demand. And for those who love a bit of a spicy kick with their vegetarian dishes, they can try our vegetarian curry pastes. There are many reasons for going vegetarian, of which some are:

  • Help with health problems - those who suffer from diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and kidney stones or gallstones can find that going vegetarian can help reduce and alleviate the symptoms of these problems.
  • Manage blood pressure and cholesterol - a vegetarian diet helps in keeping both blood pressure and cholesterol levels within the manageable limits.
  • Manage food costs - meat is often times more expensive than vegetables. So if the budget for food spending is a little tight, some people choose to adopt a vegetarian diet.
  • Cut down on cooking time - vegetables are quicker to cook than meat. Some tougher meat parts can take hours to soften. The majority of minutes takes just a few minutes to cook. 

We're definitely trying to set the standards when it comes to creating a great vegetarian curry experience. We want our vegetarian curry products to be the main ingredient every time our customers want to cook a nice vegetarian curry. With our simple vegetarian recipes and our line of vegetarian curry products, you can enjoy making great-tasting vegetarian dishes in the comfort of your own home, within minutes!Most Importantly, our Vegetarian Series DO NOT contains Five Pungent Roots (Garlic, Allium Chinense, Asafoetida, Shallot and Mountain Leek) thus suitable for those who are vegetarian due to their religious beliefs.

Paste for Vegetarian Curry

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Vegetarian Curry

People in Asia become vegetarians for all sorts of reasons. In some Asian countries, there has even been encouragement and campaigns run to encourage people to take one day from their week and turn that day into a day where they eat only vegetarian dishes and even non-vegetarians enjoy a vegetarian meal every now and then.  It's not hard to do because there are a lot of vegetarian options when it comes to preparing delicious, 100% vegetarian meals. Those who enjoy cooking at home trade simple vegetarian curry recipes with friends and family, broadening their arsenal of super-delicious vegetarian dishes that will wow any who taste it with our Instant Vegetable Curry Paste (a.k.a Paste for Vegetarian Curry).