The Malay's Curry

the malay kids in Malaysia
the malay kids in Malaysia

The native Malaysian curry, or as some would call it, the traditional Malaysian curry, has been greatly influenced in the past since during the heydays of the Malacca Sultanate, back when traders everywhere would come to trade in the glorious port of Malacca. And these traders left their indelible mark on the local Malay cuisine.


Malay cuisine has often been described as being big on the spices, with flavors that are sometimes subtle, sometimes robust - the culinary influences brought over by the Indonesia, Indian, Middle-Eastern and Chinese traders have created a melting pot of a cuisine.

Rice is the staple food in any Malay meal. It is often served at all mealtimes, including supper. Most meals are enjoyed with the fingers of the right hand and eating utensils are kept to a minimum. All dishes tend to be served in one go, accompanied by a refreshingly cool drink. Fish is popular in Malay cuisine, as with other seafood such as shrimp and cuttlefish. When it comes to meat, beef and mutton are the choice meats, followed by chicken. Due to almost every Malay being Muslim, pork is not consumed, as it goes against Islamic teachings.

Rendang Chicken Curry

Rendang is originated from Indonesia, but is now a very popular dish in Malaysia and Singaporean. It has sometimes been mistakenly described as being a curry but it does not resemble what we normally think of when we think of a curry. Rendang is usually made from chicken, although other meats can be used as well.


In Malaysia, Rendang is one of the most popular dishes prepared by the Malay community during festive occasions. It is usually eaten with plain boiled rice that has been cooked normally, or with ketupat - a traditional compressed rice cake.