The Chinese's Curry

the chinese kids in Malaysia
the chinese kids in Malaysia

The Chinese curry of Malaysia is usually milder compared to their Malay and Indian counterpart. But thanks to the smorgasbord of culinary influences in this multiethnic country, some varieties of the Chinese curry have taken a big leap in the spiciness rating, and are often a far-spicier reinvention of classic Mainland Chinese dishes.


In fact, many of the dishes created by the ethnic Chinese in Malaysia cannot be found in China. The penchant of the local Chinese to infuse their dishes with a bit of fiery spice make the dishes unique to Malaysia.

In Malaysia, Penang is called "The Pearl of the Orient" and is a hot-spot destination for millions of tourists around the world. And it's also known as the 'Food Capital' or 'Gourmand's Paradise' of Malaysia and even Malaysians from other states come here to savor some of the greatest food in Malaysia - great tasting food, for an unbelievably affordable price.


A good example would be the country's famous Penang White Curry Noodle. It is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Curry Laksa - which is a totally different dish, because Curry Laksa is known in Penang as Laksa Lemak or sometimes Laksa Siam.

Penang Curry Noodles

Penang Curry Noodle is a dish which combines yellow egg noodle with thin rice vermicelli, served in a spicy coconut curry soup along with fresh cockles, shrimp, cuttlefish, deep fried tofu, bean sprouts and the aforementioned spicy pan-roasted chilli sauce. The broth is a luxuriant escapade for the palate – a strong curry with ferocious heat. Definitely not thin either – it’s quite hearty and neat!


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