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Over the years, more and more people around the world have come to know the great and authentic taste of Khimyan Curry's products. Loyal and new customers alike have raved about our great tasting products and the foodie community has also always been supportive.


If you've tried our curry products and want to write a brief review, you can write your feedback or review below. We truly appreciate any comments or suggestions that you share with us - they really help us in creating a better customer experience for you and all of our customers.

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"I love the curry you guys make I'm going to try getting different ones, the only one I have tried is the chicken curry one. I have tried many curry pastes from different retailers. My friend ordered this and it had to be the best tasting chicken curry I had ever had. It was awesome, I'm waiting for my order to make my own at home!" 


- Bokhari Hassan, United States

"I have received my curry and I got to admit the curry paste is different has a strong but not bland taste that I have already recommended to friends and family."


- Jason Cruzado, United States


"In Germany it is very cold right now, we have had a lot of snow, about half a meter and temperature to -20 degrees. Now, your curry helped to get a little warm inside, and it tastes really good. My wife created a special recipe, with some coconut milk, and chicken meat; absolutely delicious." 


- Dieter Frieauff, Germany 

"My kids and I love your chicken curry recipe and curry paste so much! It taste like Indian curry with a little chinese, not too hot and everytime I cooked chicken curry, my kids can't resist to have another bowl. There is even my home tutor, after she tried one time during home tution, her whole family now is your big fan! Good job!"


- Tan Gaik Ling, Penang 

"Before that, I never eat tom yum coz I think it is too spicy until one day my friend forced me to try and I remembered it was in your father's restaurant. After that, I tried a lot of tom yum in different place but I'm still prefer yours. Thank god that I can buy your tom yum paste and make myself at home now. It is recommend to everyone else who likes to eat the fantastic taste of Thailand tom yum."


- Zeon Wong, Penang

“Traditionally Rendang style curry is hot, but this is a mad at you kind of spicy. It has a strong citronella taste in a good way. Your sweat will drive away the fiercest of mosquitoes. This is the only one that is incredibly spicy, which can only be a good thing. It doesn’t have a very strong MSG taste like the Japanese curry. It actually tastes semi-homemade. It’s easy to fool the casual curry-eater into thinking it is homemade. It would be great to nullify it with some coconut milk to tame the spice.”


- Kipp Whittaker, China

"I've tried the fish curry, and it also easy to cook, I always thought that cook a bowl of curry need a lot of ingredients and works but now I'm wrong as with this convenient packet, I can cook whenever I wasn't as long as I get a fresh fish from supermarket and few more ingredient, then I can make my own curry to eat. The taste suitable for me which my mom also said my cooking skill is improved :). You may try it sometimes and amazed your friends and family.

Pss: Who say guys can't cook good food at home? Try yourself." 


- Yap Chong, Kuala Lumpur

"It is very very good. i can honestly say that it tastes authentic like you can find in a good hawker or restaurant in Penang. It has been difficult to even get good tasting food in Penang nowaday, yours just perfect to at least come as an option. keep it up."


- Lim Yuh Hock, Kuala Lumpur

"Nice curry paste, I loved it!

#My #First #Choice"


- Amy Ly Tan, Kuala Lumpur