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Each pack contains:

  • Energy  485 kcal / 2037 kj
  • Fat  38.9 g
  • Saturates  16.8 g
  • Sugars  13.4 g
  • Salt  1.9 g

“Traditionally Rendang style curry is hot, but this is a mad at you kind of spicy. It has a strong citronella taste in a good way. Your sweat will drive away the fiercest of mosquitoes. This is the only one that is incredibly spicy, which can only be a good thing. It doesn’t have a very strong MSG taste like the Japanese curry. It actually tastes semi-homemade. It’s easy to fool the casual curry-eater into thinking it is homemade. It would be great to nullify it with some coconut milk to tame the spice.”


- Kipp Whittaker, China