Our Curry Paste

If you've ever sampled Malaysian curry, then you've always been back for more? Ever thought about enjoying one in the comforts of your own home? Maybe you've considered it but did not give it a try because it sounded daunting to you? Well, it doesn't have to be! Many people have tried our curry paste and the result is that they've created mouth-watering authentic Malaysian curry within minutes. It's not stuff-a-block with artificial coloring or flavoring - that stuff will only leave a strange taste in your mouth. Instead, our curry paste is made from our very own traditional family recipes, with a secret blend of quality ingredients that are all-natural and really bring out that wonderful taste in a good curry. Passion, knowledge and quality raw materials translates into curry products that have thrilled customers for years. 

Malaysian curry paste

The best way to use our curry paste is not to be burdened with expectations or rigid recipes. With our products, the recipe is only limited by your imagination. Even a single flavor can be used to make dozens of different dishes. We believe that all you need is a bit of love and passion for making a great curry dish and you'll be right at home using our curry paste to make wonderful dishes. At Khimyan Curry we enjoy sharing recipes with our customers and the foodie community - after all, if you have a good thing, why keep it to yourself? Great food is meant to be enjoyed together! And the same goes to you: if you've created a taste curry dish in your kitchen, please share it with us. Don't worry about it being "too easy" or "too plain" - with curry, it's all about the great taste! And every foodie loves great-tasting food. With our range of products, we hope to make your experience cooking Malaysian curry as easy and as fun as possible! 

Paste for Seafood Curry

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Seafood Curry

This is our core product and the one that's received the most number of positive feedback from our customers since 1992 until present. And it's not surprising - this Instant Fish & Prawn Curry Paste (a.k.a Paste for Seafood Curry) follows the same recipe used by my parents when they were still operating their famous restaurant in Penang. The restaurant's Fish and Prawn curry would bring in people from all over Penang and Malaysia, even Singapore and Thailand - it's that good. Now, all our loyal customers can experience the goodness of that Fish and Prawn curry in their own homes. This curry paste features a mixture between both South-Indian and the local Nyonya flavor to it.

Paste for Chicken Curry

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Chicken Curry

Our Instant Chicken Curry Paste (a.k.a Paste for Chicken Curry) comes from an old family recipe and brings a South-Indian flavor into your kitchen. It can be used to make either a dry or wet curry and the flavor is fantastic. This Chicken Curry paste has been our best-selling product since 2002 and is winning new fans every day. Malaysian curry at its best!


Paste for Kapitan Chicken Curry

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Kapitan Chicken Curry

Did we mention about our Instant Kapitan Curry Paste (a.k.a Paste for Kapitan Chicken Curry) is follows the traditional Nyonya family recipe? Nyonya cuisine mixes the cooking styles and ingredients of the Chinese and Malay communities in Malaysia, creating a cuisine that's distinctly unique and adds a ton of options for a good Malaysian curry. Kapitan chicken will be a little bit drier compared to chicken curry, but it packs a stronger punch in terms of flavor due to the heavy use of spices like lemon grass and ginger. The curry is also a little redder and spicier.

Paste for Rendang Chicken Curry

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Rendang Chicken Curry

Our Instant Rendang Curry Paste (a.k.a Paste for Rendang Chicken Curry) is best for making wet rendang, more accurately identified as ‘kalio’, is a type of rendang that is cooked for a shorter period of time and much of the coconut milk liquid has not evaporated.


*In 2011 an online poll by 35,000 people held by CNN International chose Rendang as the number one dish of their "World's 50 Most Delicious Foods (Readers' Pick)" list.

Paste for Penang Curry Noodle

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Penang Curry Noodle

Penang curry noodle is one of the most popular hawker food in Malaysia. Many people come to Penang to get the authentic version at the many hawker stalls. Now you can slurp the noodles and enjoy the great curry taste of Penang curry noodles without needing to come to Penang. With our Instant Penang Curry Noodle Paste (a.k.a Paste for Penang Curry Noodle), you can enjoy this wonderful Malaysian curry dish at home whenever you're craving for a good curry treat. It will spice up any meal!

Paste for Penang Chilli Prawn Noodle

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Penang Chilli Prawn Noodle

Just like Penang Curry Noodle, Penang Prawn Noodles is another hawker dish favorite. This Malaysian curry dish is famous for its mouth-watering "prawny" taste. And we've made sure we've put all that shrimpy goodness in our Instant Penang Prawn Noodle Paste (a.k.a Paste for Penang Chilli Prawn Noodle) to ensure you get the most authentic "prawn" flavor possible - that's the mark of a good Penang Prawn Noodles soup! It'll feel like you're slurping down the contents of one right at a hawker stall in Penang!

Paste for Thai Tom Yum Soup

Khimyan Curry's Paste for Thai Tom Yum Soup

If you're a big fan of Thai Curry, you'll love our Instant Tom Yam Paste (a.k.a Paste for Thai Tom Yum Soup). It's more starchy and sour compared to other Thai curry varieties, and is equally as mouth-watering and delicious as any of our Malaysian curry products. You can use it as a spicy soup for a hot-pot style meal, or used to add a mega-dose of fiery power to fried rice, or have it with fried noodles or in a noodle soup - the possibilities are endless. 

Sambal Sauce for Vegetable

Khimyan Curry's Sambal Sauce for Vegetable

This truly Malaysia chilli-based sauce, the Instant Sambal Sauce (a.k.a Sambal Sauce for Vegetable) is heavily influenced by both the Malay and Chinese culture. We use dried shrimp, toasted shrimp paste (belacan), and other ingredients to create this spicy sauce. Use it to stir-fry vegetables, seafood and meat for a hot and spicy unique Malaysian flavor that you won't be able to find anywhere else.