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Malaysian Creamy Curry Crab Recipe
30. December 2016
I have a hate-love relationship toward crab - I love it's tender and juicy meat but at the same time I extremely hate to spend so much time just to crack it open. But If you are a person into crabs a lot, then you ought to try this Malaysian (and Singaporean too) most favorite Curry Crab recipe. Get your fishmonger to prepare the crabs, discard the hard shell and reserve the tomalley. While this dish is traditionally prepared with green mud crab in Malaysia, we used a 5kg Dungeness crab. If you...
28. December 2016
Having a gathering steamboats in mind? This Flavorsome Tom Yum Steamboat Soup is gonna spice up your celebratory feast!
19. September 2016
A big thank you goes to my Aunt who came up with this mouth-watering steamed fish with tom yum and who is kind enough to share it with family and friends (and of course, me!). Her story goes like this: She was preparing dinner in the kitchen one day when she discovered some leftover Khimyan Curry's Paste for Tom Yum Soup in the refrigerator. She also had a big white fish in the refrigerator, so naturally, her quick mind though: why not combine the two? And that's how she came up with the idea...
Malaysian style Hot and Sour Seafood Tom Yum Soup
06. August 2016
This Malaysian style Hot and Sour Seafood Tom Yum Soup recipe will be one that you'll want to use over and over again. Tom Yum soup is a one of the most popular dishes in Southeast Asia. Due to the combination of herbs and spices we've used in our paste, our Seafood Tom Yum soup is less spicy and a tad bit more sour. I'm gonna share with you the alternative and easier way to enjoy Tom Yum Soup. The first more common option is to cook it with noodles, and a variety of other ingredients like...
Penang Nyonya style Assam Fish Curry
18. July 2016
This Assam Fish Curry recipe has a lot of South Indian flavor - it's a little bit salty and starchy, and the soup has got a lot of flavor going for it. It's got just the right blend of spices for an all-authentic Malaysian-style fish head curry. This is one of the most sought-after dishes by Malaysian curry lovers. And the best part, you can cook it in a very easy and quick way at home with Khimyan Curry's Paste for Seafood Curry. Just like when you're using any Nyor Nyar brand curry paste in...