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Malaysian Creamy Curry Crab Recipe
30. December 2016
I have a hate-love relationship toward crab - I love it's tender and juicy meat but at the same time I extremely hate to spend so much time just to crack it open. But If you are a person into crabs a lot, then you ought to try this Malaysian (and Singaporean too) most favorite Curry Crab recipe. Get your fishmonger to prepare the crabs, discard the hard shell and reserve the tomalley. While this dish is traditionally prepared with green mud crab in Malaysia, we used a 5kg Dungeness crab. If you...
28. December 2016
Having a gathering steamboats in mind? This Flavorsome Tom Yum Steamboat Soup is gonna spice up your celebratory feast!
Malaysian style Turkey Curry
09. December 2016
By Boxing Day if you’re after a little inspiration for your leftover roast Turkey, we suggest you try to cook it with Khimyan Curry's Paste for Chicken Curry. You can't go wrong with this scrumptious curry recipe for using up leftover turkey because it tastes so good and which I think it's worth making from scratch, even when you haven't got leftover meat. Because of this I have make sure the recipe works with both cooked and raw turkey. If you're using cooked meat for a leftover turkey...
The Low Fat Roti Jala Recipes
23. November 2016
The literal translation of Roti Jala is “net pancake” in Malay. It a beautiful name in English – lace pancake, which derives from the delicate, lace-like texture and appearance of the pancake. These lacy and net-like pancakes are very popular to be found at the pasar malam (a.k.a night market) or during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, where vendors set up temporary stalls selling roti jala to go with various curries offered. With this Roti Jala Recipe, and the right techniques and...
Malay Traditional Food - Sambal Petai with Prawn
09. November 2016
Sambal Petai is a traditional Malay sambal recipe that's stood the test of time and it's very common in any Malay family in Malaysia and Singapore. 'Petai' is a bean originates in Southeast Asia and has a very distinctive taste and smell, hence the nickname "stink bean". Inside the long twisty Parkia speciosa pods, you’ll find small, oval shaped, flat green beans the size of large almonds. They are quite bitter and are therefore, almost always cooked or served with stronger tasting flavours...
19. September 2016
A big thank you goes to my Aunt who came up with this mouth-watering steamed fish with tom yum and who is kind enough to share it with family and friends (and of course, me!). Her story goes like this: She was preparing dinner in the kitchen one day when she discovered some leftover Khimyan Curry's Paste for Tom Yum Soup in the refrigerator. She also had a big white fish in the refrigerator, so naturally, her quick mind though: why not combine the two? And that's how she came up with the idea...
Malaysian Style Rendang Chicken Curry
22. August 2016
Rendang is a very popular dish in many Southeast Asian countries, especially in Malaysia we usually serves Rendang Chicken during festive occasions such as traditional ceremonies, wedding feasts and Hari Raya. Traditional rendang is dry, during which the meat is slow cooked until the liquid completely evaporated and the remaining rendang broth is usually darker. This Rendang Chicken Curry we are featuring here is a Malaysian style, more accurately identified as 'kalio' (wet rendang) which means...
Indian Vegan's style Mixed Vegetable Curry
18. August 2016
The first thing you'll notice about the mixed vegetable curry recipe is that it offers a lot of bright colors, and that's because the vegetables involved are so colorful! We've got a good mix of vegetables: pepper/capsicum, eggplant, long bean, okra and mushroom. This is a great recipe for a vegetarian curry lover, as the Khimyan Curry's Paste for Vegetarian Curry is made with vegetarians in mind - there is no garlic and onion in the paste. When it comes to the carbs for this curry, I love...
Nyonya's style Kapitan Chicken Curry
17. August 2016
Kapitan Chicken Curry is a delicious Nyonya dish, distinctly flavoured using tamarind juice, candlenut, fresh turmeric root and belacan (shrimp paste), and among other ingredients. In case that you don't know yet, Nyonya cooking mixes the cooking styles and ingredients of the Chinese and Malay communities in Malaysia, coming up with a cuisine that features strongly in the Malaysian culinary landscape. It bears some similarity to your typical chicken curry, but the broth of Nyonya Kapitan...
Malaysian style Tom Yum Fried Noodle
16. August 2016
This Tom Yum fried noodle recipe makes for a quick, easy and totally satisfying meal. Fried noodle is a popular and very common dish in Asia, with each country in the region having so many variants of it. A seafood style fried noodle dish might feature thin, rice vermicelli with calamari and shrimp while a spicier fried noodle dish might feature see-through "glass noodle" with a large dose of chili and a hint of sourness to it - there are as many variations as there are noodles and ingredients!...

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